News Guidelines
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In order to promote the speed of decision-making of contractors and public service providers in procurement and procurement procedures, the Procurement Monitoring Bureau shall, on its website, display an informative time indicator icon with the timing of procurement, so that any visitor to the website can follow the time of the procurement of interest.

“Timepiece” is a visual display of a clock that counts the time spent on procurement, from advertising to contracting. You will find the icon at the procurement published on Jan. 1, 2021.

Average duration of the tender*

Search for procurement on the website of the Procurement Monitoring Bureau under the heading “Advanced search” can be followed by the features of the selection of published notices “Whether there is a socially responsible procurement”, “Is there an innovative procurement” and “Is there a privileged contract”, which selects procurement notices containing the relevant indication of social responsibility requirements in the procurement documents or requirements for the purchase of innovative solutions or an indication of a privileged contract. . It is also possible to select the published statements following the signs “Assets Timeline” and “Notifications with Stop Timeline”, where all statements are selected with an active or suspended timeline respectively.