The Procurement Monitoring Bureau runs the public procurement database available on the official website It is mandatory for Latvian contracting authorities and contracting entities to publish public procurement notices on our webpage. You can view public tender publications and search for the necessary ones without registration and free of charge (to perform the search for tenders you might be interested in, please follow this link , where you can search by entering various CPV codes in the field "Atrast rezultātus" – Find results). Although the published notices currently are only available in Latvian, we suggest you try visiting the following webpage for minimum English or Russian machine-translation of the notices (click on the necessary translation languages, indicate the exact address of the notice you want to translate and click on the red button Translate).

If needed, you can subscribe to the information about a particular procurement from the Electronic Procurement System which is the e-procurement system in Latvia As the most of the procurement tenders in Latvia are conducted electronically via the Electronic Procurement System, please visit to find out how to register and submit your proposals in the system.

Also, to search for tenders above the European Union (EU) threshold in the EU official languages (partial translation of notices available), please visit the electronic supplement Tender Electronic Daily of the EU Official Journal.